A story of two American couples who get caught in a chronological palindrome on a trip to Italy. Stigmata, alchemy, adultery, and St. Catherine of Siena’s severed head plague a nun and a minister in this circular love story that is a comedy if performed forward and a tragedy if performed backward. Confused? Intrigued? Then come see what OUROBOROS is all about.

Winner, Best New Play, LA Weekly, 2005
Judges’ Choice, Critic’s Choice, Los Angeles Times, 2004


“Ouroboros” is one of the best productions to hit LA this season. This mysterious and intellectually challenging new puzzle featuring two plays in one…
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Either direction is a rewarding trip, the reversible OUROBOROS provides two distinctive experiences. The skillful and meticulous writing of Tom Jacobson’s love story involving the repeatedly intersecting spiritual quests of two American couples — each traveling through time in the opposite direction — which can be performed in either of two chronological sequences (a circular construction reflected in the title reference to the mythical snake that devours its own tail). One direction, and the the piece is a comedy. Played in reverse, the piece is a tragedy. These labels apply only in the classical sense, depending on whether the conclusion is happy or not. This is a witty and moving narrative palindrome.
Los Angeles Times